what is ecommerce business and what is benefits of ecommerce?

What is ecommerce business

What is ecommerce business? Ecommerce (electronic commerce) or internet commerce is the activity of buying and selling goods and services using the internet and involves the transfer of money and data when making these transactions. according to Wikipedia, e-commerce timeline begins in 1971 when Arpanet arrange sales between Stanford Artificial Intelligent Laboratory with Massachusett’s Institute […]

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3 Types Of Business Activities

What are business activities? What are business activities? The scope of business activities is very broad. Actually, business activities grouped into three types of business activities: production, distribution, and consumption. Business Activities: Production Production is all business activities that add value to the goods for human needs. Production categorized into three kinds: primary, secondary and […]

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Financial advisor job description and how to become a financial advisor

Definition of Financial Advisor The meaning of financial advisor The understanding of the financial advisor is a professional who helps a person to manage their finances by providing advice on various financial issues such as investments, insurance, mortgage, college savings, planning Residential, tax, and retirement, depending on client’s request. Some financial advisors are paid a […]

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6 Benefits of Business Process Management

benefits of business process management

Business process management is analyzing existing processes, designing a new process analysis and optimizing the process provided by the various tools and methodologies in order to produce more effectively and efficiently process. Business process management (BPM) is not a rigid system so that it requires continuous process improvement/sustainability. Some of the fixes which were related […]

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