Successful Steps To Manage Personal Finances

Not all high-income people can manage their finances well, even though with good financial arrangements we can avoid financial problems now and in the future. This also applies to people who rely on luck in financial matters because sooner or later he will experience financial problems. That means managing personal finances has an important role to achieve financial success.

Manage Personal Finances

Manage Personal Finances

Manage Personal Finances

Here are the successful steps to manage personal finances that you can apply to avoid financial problem in the future:

Record all income

How much is your income every month? To be able to manage your personal finances well, you should record all income received each month. This income from salary as a company employee or a professional. If you are also running a profession or a side business such as tutoring, bridal cosmetic, online clothing business, culinary business, home rental business, etc. any adder income is also needed to be noted.

Create expense posts

Next, you allocate that income to the expense post. In this case, it is advisable to create 6 expense posts that must be filled on a regular basis each month, following:

Preparation for budgeting for charity

Set aside a few percents of your income for the charity

Emergency funds

Don’t miss out on unexpected expenses (buy gifts for friends or neighbors ‘ weddings, pay medication fees, etc) disrupt your financial plan! For that, you are required to have an emergency fund set aside 10% of your income.

Routine needs

There is a need that should be fulfilled on a regular basis among them buy kitchen needs & toiletries, buy clothes, pay electricity & water, etc. These routine needs should at least be excluded from the monthly income of 50%. Simply not enough, the funds should be chopped.


There are also needs in a year to be prepared. This savings fund should be set aside by 10% of the income.


When God gives the opportunity to live longer, you can enjoy financial success when investing. Hence, set aside 15% of income for investments (Forex, property, gold, stocks, mutual funds, digital asset or others). Investment funds can be used to get around the expensive cost of children’s education.

Traveling or having fun

Stress becomes the daily food of every person. If left unchecked, stress will create depression even cause serious illnesses such as heart disease. Hence, you are required to prepare a funding post in order to release stress. The funds raised for this matter can be approximately about 10%.

In managing personal finances, there are a few point that you need to remember among them :

Tips To Managing personal finances

Shopping as needed

Do not just because there is a discount then you riotous when shopping. Free if the purchased items will be unused, right? Hence, shopping according to what you need is not just a desire. As a suggestion, consider quality when shopping. The reliability of quality goods is good to save the expenditure in the future.

Create 2 bank accounts

Do you receive a bank salary? Make sure to create 2 bank accounts. The first account can be devoted to receiving a salary and a second account can be a place for saving. Thus, you do not have to take money through ATMs.

Pay the bills on time

Do you have a credit card? We recommend paying the bills on time. Do not let you delinquent so that the interest given by the bank is bigger. This is obviously going to make the expenditure swell.

Not only allow yourself to escape from the credit trap but also can manage personal finances well to make you can meet the needs of & wishes now or the future. As well as, to be able to reach the school, traveling around the world, buy a house in an elite area, and so on.


Not only because of high income & luck, but a person can have financial success because he is good at managing his personal finances.

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